Note: The Prodigio’s Code of Ethics is in the process of being drafted. Soon it will be available to collaborators, clients, suppliers and the rest of our stakeholders, who we are sure share our values ​​and principles.

TRUST is the keyword in the Sharing Economy of the 21st century. And it is not that trust has not been at the base of commercial relationships since ancient times, but now more than ever, thanks to the digitalization and transparency of the platforms in which users comment and value the goods and services received, it is an imperative of all entrepreneurship to work, earn and maintain it.

This is how at PRODIGIO the companies that have wanted to work with us have opened their doors to us and shared their practices, stories and hopes, confident that we will successfully guide them on this journey through the new era of digital knowledge.

The REPUTATION of Prodigio rests precisely on this well-earned trust in the relationship between peers that we maintain with our clients, a trust that they place on us for fulfilling what we promise, a reflection of our business integrity.

The INTEGRITY that characterizes PRODIGIO is based on our impeccable actions; unrestricted compliance with the laws and regulations that govern us wherever we operate; our respect for human rights and care for the environment, to achieve a sustainable development.

The Ethics and Compliance Management is here to preserve THE INTEGRITY of PRODIGIO and thus take care of its REPUTATION. To achieve this mission, the Ethics and Compliance Management ensures compliance with all legal standards and internal regulations that govern our company, in order to prevent the commission of crimes and consolidate an organizational culture based on values ​​and PRODIGIO’s ethical principles.

Companies act through their collaborators. Therefore, PRODIGIO and each of its members share the commitment to abide by the legal system.
PRODIGIO’s reputation is determined by all of us by our actions and omissions. Illegal or inappropriate behavior on the part of just one of our collaborators can cause PRODIGIO considerable damage. Therefore, each of us must be aware of maintaining and promoting the good reputation of PRODIGIO wherever it is located.

The culture of integrity and compliance in an organization begins at Management. The board of directors, owners, managers, representatives and those who exercise leadership know that they must behave in accordance with what is prescribed by law and the ethical standards that guide PRODIGIO, as an example for the rest of our collaborators.
All managers must fulfill their directing and supervising responsibility with respect to those whom they lead. This means that each leadership must emphasize the importance of ethical conduct and integrate PRODIGIO’s values ​​and principles into daily business activity.

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So that you know the sources that inspire us, here are two links so that you can get an idea:
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