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Digital Operation

In this new environment of digital evolution, with the adoption of digital architectures and new technologies, a correct operation of the new platforms is required.

It is urgent to have a look at the performance of digital products, where to consolidate looks at availability, customer experience and conversion rate in the use of digital products.

We apply a monitoring methodology designed from the perspective of the business impact of digital products, combined with our technical perspective. Thus, we were able to deliver metrics for response time, availability, platform scalability, cost management, and conversion rate.

We have a team of professionals highly specialized in processes and technologies to support the operation of your digital products, either as first level or second level.

Operation and Support of Digital products

We have proven work methodologies, which include the elaboration of metrics that measure the performance of digital products, with which the client obtains a control panel that combines the financial view, the use and quality of service of digital products.

This phase of the life cycle includes the implementation and support that must be provided to the software. From the infrastructure where the software is hosted and running, to the specific configurations that must be applied to specific components of the software. We use a wide range of tools to support the software operation process.

Once our software products have been released and are being consumed, it is time to focus on monitoring. This stage includes the day-to-day operation of the services. With this we must answer the following questions:

  • What is the performance of my services? Latency? Mistakes?
  • Are they generating errors? Where? Why?
  • What is the status of my services?
  • Who is consuming me?
  • Logs?