Examples of what we do

Open Banking


The Case:

Our Client wants to develop an open innovation strategy, through association with Fintech to accelerate the delivery of digital products (Open Banking) to its clients


Our solution:

A business APIs program is carried out, where a Business Capabilities Map is built using the BIAN framework as a reference, digital products are designed, their construction, APIs packaging, which are published in a Developer Portal.

The Developer Portal enables self-service from external partners for the safe and governed use of business capabilities such as APIs.



The Case

Our client needs to provide their clients with a service so that they can use the financing of their health insurance in telemedicine consultations, through the issuance of a Digital Voucher.


Our Solution:

A BonoClick digital product is modeled, such as the extension of the business capacity “Voucher Emission”, as an API so that Medical providers can integrate it into their hour reservation portals, It operates as a “payment button” so that clients finance their medical care with the copayment by issuing a voucher directly. This is achieved by modeling business capabilities as APIs, and building an integrable and secure Front. A Developer Portal for Auto Onboarding of medical providers is implemented.



The Case:

Our client needs to improve their digital experience to their clients during the Cyber ​​Monday campaign, and also needs to improve their Sales conversion rate. It is restricted by a Legacy E-COMMERCE system with a limited TPS capacity, which generates a bad experience for consumers.


Our Solution:

How strategy is proposed to APIFY the E-COMMERCE, for them the key functionalities of the Legacy system are modeled and built as APIs. In this way the customer’s Front Web site works with the APIs. These APIs have Caché functionalities, they manage traffic, security and observability. In addition, digital engagement strategies are implemented to increase the conversion rate of sales.


Fundación Digital

The Case:

Our Client needs to develop a Digital Program as part of the Company’s Digital Transformation process. For this, it is necessary to address the technological enablers such as a Digital Architecture of microservices, for the modernization of its technological platform, the modeling of its business capabilities, development of the Business Capability Map, definition of technical and methodological standards, the definition of Digital IT Governance. and the incorporation of Automation (CICD) of digital assets’s life cycle.


Our Solution:

The Digital Program Service is developed, focused on the formulation of a digital architecture, definition of exposure standards, microservices, life cycle automation, digital operation and digital government, a maturity model for Digital adoption. The client is accompanied in the transition of their Digital Journey to design, build and make their digital capabilities profitable.


The Case:

Our Client needs to replace branches with online services, accelerated by the Covid -19 Pandemic, for this it must scale and improve its Digital channels (launch a Mobile APP, a WEB site and enhance its self-service Totems), Its great restriction They are its Core systems that have a low TPS capacity limited for branch service, not for APP or Web portal demands.


Our Solution:

A strategy is proposed, which considers enabling a Digital Architecture for the Client’s Digital products, This Architecture is built in the Cloud, has an Exposure Layer (APIs), Microservices Layer in K8s, and distributed cloud databases, it is resolved also data synchronization incorporating event management. This architecture allows scaling in the 3 layers, increases the TPS by 100X, to support digital channels for 6 million customers.
The business capabilities map is drawn up, and these digital capabilities are built in this new architecture, and the customer service channels consume these capabilities. This allows for a digital omni-channel and a better customer experience.