Open Banking

Open Banking Program

OpenBanking is part of a global trend that, through the collaboration and integration of banks and / or third-party application providers, seeks to generate a financial innovation engine to generate better service and connectivity to users, boosting the digital economy.

Open Banking is based on the intensive use of open APIs, which allows to implement and generate the conditions for the development of applications with third parties.

At Prodigio we have a framework that allows us to implement a successful OpenBanking strategy for our financial clients.
Open Banking
We have developed digital accelerators that allow us to optimize implementation times, reduce costs and risks for these initiatives. We also have teams of professionals who have developed extensive experience in the implementation of Business API Programs for OpenBanking.

Our framework has a practical and concrete approach, being able to make the results tangible in scalable digital products and developing digital ecosystems.

The foundation of the OpenBanking model is the recognition that information belongs to customers and therefore they have control over their own data. Only through the express and informed consent of a user, that information could be shared by a bank with third parties.

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