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Privacy and Data Protection

We all have the right to the privacy of our personal data. Personal data are those that allow the identification of a person and include identification numbers issued by the government, location data, dates of birth and financial, medical, social security information, contact information.

Prodigio respects the confidentiality of the personal data of its counterparts, including its collaborators, clients and business partners. The company only obtains and keeps this data, because it is necessary for the effective operation of Prodigio.

Regarding our website, we have a contact form in which we collect the information strictly necessary to offer our products and services to our clients, as well as job opportunities for those who are interested in joining Prodigio. 

What we DO with your personal data:

We collect only the personal data necessary for the legitimate purposes of the business, that is, for the correct and adequate provision of the services and products developed, offered and / or contracted, as well as to protect our legal rights and interests, provided that your fundamental rights are not overridden. Likewise, we only collect personal data strictly necessary for the eventual recruitment of job candidates.

The data will not be subsequently processed in a way that is incompatible with the purposes for which it was collected.
We store such data on secure servers, so that it is not accessed or used un-authorized or illegally, or accidentally damaged or lost.
We delete or correct erroneous or incomplete personal data.


What we DO NOT do with your personal data:

Collect «sensitive» information (especially data on health, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political ideology and religion) without the consent of the person concerned or in accordance with the law.

Provide personal data outside of Prodigio, unless legally or judicially required; when required for the correct provision of the service or product offered; or when we have an explicit authorization from the owner of the data.

Access or store personal data, unless we have the proper authorization and a specific business need for such information.
Retain that information longer than it takes to cover the legal or business reason for which it was acquired. 

You are in control of your personal data

At any time you want, you can limit the collection or use of the personal data that you provide on our website, communicating it through the contact form available there. If you want to sign up for our newsletter, just check or uncheck the respective box.