Somos Prodigio

¿What we do?

We work with your organization to develop, accelerate and capitalize on technological capabilities to transform your business into a digital business.

We are committed to the goals and dreams of our clients, for this we have the most qualified, talented people who are hungry for challenges and experimentation, who collaborate with the client without giving up, until reaching the set goal.

We are a digital native enterprise specialized in cutting edge technology, committed to the end of the journey and sustainable success of our clients in the new cognitive era.

Each client is unique and that is why we take the time to get to know them, learn about their businesses boosting their potential, to create innovative and tailored value proposals that will allow them to achieve their goals.

Accelerate your business to a digital business

We have a wide portfolio of highly specialized services to accelerate your business.

Digital Program

We develop a reality-driven digital development program, based on your needs.

API Program

We define what we implement into an Enterprise API program

Digital Factory

We accelerate your digital products with our technical capabilities and personal talent


We accelerate the DevSecOps option to generate impact

Digital Architecture

We design, enable and refine digital architectures

Digital Operation

We operate and support your digital products

Open Banking

OpenBanking is part of a global transformation of the financial market through the collaboration of banks with third parties

Some examples of what we do

Know customer success cases of various industries